There's a reason why Ubisoft was mum on the movie-based game, The Expendables 2, it's bad...real bad. Featuring the four main Expendables from the movie played by Sylvester Stallone, Jason Stathom, Jet Li and Dolph Lundren, the four-player co-op arcade shooter could have been a neat isometric shooter but there are some obvious hurdles it doesn't seem to be able to overcome.

Shogun Gamer has the new footage and it's only two minutes and majority of it is composed of a campy cinematic, but boy oh boy is the voice acting atrocious. The guy imitating Sly is not doing such a great job and the lines are about as bad as the delivery.

I know us action movie fans pride ourselves in enjoying bad-action movie schlock but this is game is almost an insult to that legacy. Nevertheless, I at least have to applaud the designers for tossing us another XBLA/PSN, co-op isometric shooter. We don't get a lot of those and it's nice that Ubisoft was thinking about filling out the isometric shooter genre. I admit I was kind of hoping for a Gears of War clone or maybe something along the lines of Call of Duty since, well, the Expendables is kind of right up the alley, but I guess we just have to take what we can get.

Even though the game looks to be a linear clone of the old G.I. Joe arcade game (or worse yet, that newer G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra game) the highlight is with the character animations. They actually nailed Stallone's cowboy-totting pistol slinging stance the way most devs nailed Sean Connery in From Russia With Love or Harrison Ford in the Star Wars games.

And just so you know, Ubisoft has not officially announced The Expendables 2 yet. Perhaps they're working up the confidence to embrace the public shame that will follow after they finally announce this sure-to-bomb title. Still, I'd play this game just because it's based on my most anticipated movie of 2012, and I'm sure Ubisoft is betting on saps like me to buy this game.

You can check out the brief footage and cringe-worthy dialog over at Shogun Gamer. You can also look for The Expendables 2 to launch this summer, for the extended trailer be sure to check it out right here at Cinema Blend.

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