Jagex Games and Hasbro have released an updated, extended trailer for the upcoming MMO, Transformers: Universe. The new trailer features an elongated look at a custom transformer making the inevitable transition from a robot in disguise to a full fledged battle machine.

It’s hard to tell right now exactly which direction the new game will take; the art-style from the teaser trailer shows a heavy influence from the likes of Michael Bay’s films, and that’s A-Okay in my book. However, with Jagex at the helm I get the feeling this free-to-play title will cater more-so to the little kiddies, and I doubt the serious tone on display in the following trailer will hold up for the final game. Check it out below.

Even the sound effects and thumping music (even though it’s aesthetically light) seems to imitate the Spielberg/Bay collaboration, but I’m just not buying what they’re trying to sell, in terms of the serious tone. I’ll hold out hope that the game will be as dense and as dark as it’s portrayed in the trailer but I get the feeling that the end result will be more to the liking of 12-year olds who like to scream and shout into the mic when they don’t get their way.

You can keep up to date on all things Transformers: Universe by heading on over to the Official Website.

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