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Today EA Sports announced FIFA 14 as promised. FIFA 14, billed as the "complete matchday experience," will hit the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC this fall.

The new Pure Shot feature aims to make shooting feel more real. Shots will change based on the players' stride and approach. If you're rushed or off-balance, it'll be reflectred in the quality of the shot. New ball physics will ensure that balls have realistic trajectories.

The developers at EA Canada have made a number of other changes to the flow of the game as well. Players will be able to fend off defenders with a new Protect the Ball feature, or change direction quickly with Sprint Dribble Turns. Variable Dribble Touches will give skilled players more control over the ball while sprinting. Improved A.I. will make your CPU-controller opponents better attackers and defenders.

If you're rusty, the new Skills Games mode will bring you up to speed. This practice mode enables newbies to learn the ropes and veterans to hone their skills. The new mini-games can be played alone or with friends.

The Career Mode will return with a new Global Scouting Network. This allows players to scope out players throughout the year. This allows them to be ready to make some trades when transfer windows begin.

Interestingly, EA Sports didn't announce a Wii U, 3DS, or Wii version of FIFA 14. A spokesperson for the company told ONM UK that additional formats will be announced in the coming months, though, so Nintendo gamers might have a shot at getting these games.

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