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Lionhead Studios sent out more screenshots for Fable: The Journey this morning to remind you that it's still in development. Through the screenshots, we see the various places in Albion that players will traverse.

The Journey takes place fifty years after Fable 3. Theresa, the Seeress of the Spire, has been gravely wounded by a dark force known as the Corruption. It falls to Gabriel, an unassuming Dweller, to bring Theresa to the Spire so that she can be rejuvenated and combat the Corruption.

The game takes players across much of Albion. You'll see many of the lingering effects from the events of Fable 3. Journey will actually read your F3 save files and alter the world based on this data.

Fable: The Journey, a Xbox 360 Kinect exclusive, will be available on October 9th in North America and on the 12th in Europe.

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