Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Video Leaks Battle Dragon Gameplay

The music, my goodness...the music! Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon's dialogue seems to be hit or miss but the visual aesthetics and the soundtrack are absolutely spot on. Sounds like something truly out of the 1980s with its overly-patriotic synth chords and blazing “you can do it” style anthems, it's like GI Joe meets meets Tron.

I love the whole Blood Dragon thing. I mean, if you're going to rip gamers off this is how you do it and do it right. Laying down $14.99 for what's essentially a total conversion mod is at least money being laid down for something both creative and genuinely fun looking.

Michael Biehn takes on the role of Rex Colt, the proverbial bad-action 80s hero out to stop his cyborg nemesis and unleash the fury of the Blood Dragon on all who stand in his way. As a cyborg commando it's a non-stop action romp through a neon-themed wasteland.

I wish more publishers were as creative with their properties as Ubisoft...even more-so, I wish more publishers let loose SDKs or left some of the assets unencrypted so that gamers could at least mod some stuff. Perhaps, would it even be too much to ask for total conversions for some games instead of the continued roll-out of bi-monthly premium map packs and weapons? I mean, would it hurt to try milking gamers with a few new methods instead of just yanking and pulling on the teet as usual?

You can look for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon to launch next week starting May 1st. The game is currently available on torrents and has been so since the beginning of April because Ubisoft's Uplay mucked up and gamers were able to get a free digital copy from the DRM-style service.

You can also check out a live-action video in celebration of Blood Dragon below, courtesy of DSO Gaming.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.