Ubisoft has been pumping out one trailer after another for the big AAA titles due to drop this November for old-gen consoles, new-gen consoles and PC. The latest trailer from the major software publisher is called “Surviving Kyrat” and it features a remix of Donna Summer's “I Will Survive” by new-age, downbeat group J2.

The trailer is two minutes chock full of the “good parts” of the game – showcasing to gamers the thrills of outrunning avalanches, saving mystical tigers, battling faceless goons, blowing up costless equipment and riding elephants to the triumphant tune of unabashed violence. The trailer is a spectacle of action-entertainment... and really does absolutely nothing to convince me that it's worth $60 if I'm being blatantly honest.

I mean, look, Far Cry 4 looks all right... it's looks like it does what it does in a decent way. If you're looking for some popcorn-style fall blockbuster guns-glory-and-gore to fill out your holiday off-time then you've got plenty of choices from a number of high-profile studios and publishers. If you're looking for something beyond a quick-fix for vapid fun then I don't know if Far Cry 4 is the game providing the cure for something... more.

To be honest, parts of the game looks fun but a lot of it looks like a typical modulated, multi-hour first-person shooter with the typical fill of nameless goon killing, base destruction, a bit of driving and a whole lot of rinse and repeat mechanics to hit the tried-and-true dollar-per-hour count ratio.

Anyway, Far Cry 4 is probably one of those games I would never buy since it doesn't do enough to separate itself from Far Cry 3 and it's likely to get another, slightly better sequel by the time Ubisoft winds down the final bits of DLC for the previous game.

If you are focused on getting a copy of the game and you really want to see more of Far Cry 4, feel free to check out the cooperative PS4 gameplay video below, courtesy of our good friends at GamesHQ Media.

If Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare wasn't due for release this fall, if it wasn't followed by Battlefield: Hardline, if Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon weren't so recent in their impressionable quality and if there weren't a dozen and one other single-A and indie first-person titles that have flooded the market in recent times, I would probably feel a heck of a lot more excited about Far Cry 4.

But I honestly can't fill out an article about just another trailer for a game that's looking less and less interesting to me for every Hollywood-style promo piece that surfaces. It just gives me reason to spread my money out to developers doing something that feels like an honest contribution to the gaming industry with a game that isn't laced with day-one DLC, pre-order bonuses to the moon and a genuine attempt to make something fun.

With that said, anyone willing to keep following the footsteps of a path well traveled can keep doing so when Far Cry 4 drops on the old-gen twins and the new-gen siblings starting November 18th. More info? Hit up the official website.
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