Far Cry 4 Yeti DLC Trailer And Screenshots Reveal Your Next Big Challenge

Far Cry 4's next, and potentially last, DLC will be out in a couple weeks. Today Ubisoft released screenshots and a trailer to show players what awaits in Valley of the Yetis.

In the main campaign of Far Cry 4, the player captures bases across Kyrat and bolsters the rebel enemy supporting them. In an interesting twist, Valley of the Yetis cuts you off from this power base. You crash-land your helicopter high up in the Himalayas and have to survive on your own.

This new region, as it turns out, is full of enemies that want to see you dead. A heavily-armed cult doesn't take too kindly to your intrusion and will attack you on sight. As the DLC's title implies, the mountain is also home to giant yetis.

When Ubisoft first announced Valley of the Yetis, they mentioned that players would be able to establish a camp site with defenses. These fortifications can then be upgraded over time using materials found throughout the region. The implication here is that enemies will be regularly raiding your home and you'll have to fend them off. Far Cry 4's main campaign had a few "stand your ground" moments that I really enjoyed so I'm glad to see Ubisoft trying to flesh out that type of encounter with an RPG-like progression.

Although you're cut off from the Golden Path, you can at least get some help from a friend. Two-player co-op is supported for the entire Valley of the Yetis campaign. If you'd rather not spend money on this add-on, though, remember that you can >play custom missions in co-op as well.

Valley of the Yetis can be purchased individually or as part of the $30 Season Pass. The Season Pass also includes access to the Overrun multiplayer mode, a roguelike jail break called Escape from Durgesh Prison and bonus missions centered around Hurk. The individual price of Yetis hasn't been announced yet.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.