Final Fantasy Versus XIII Renamed Final Fantasy XV, Coming To Wii U, PS3?

Supposedly, Square Enix has released some pre-E3 footage of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, only it's no longer called Versus XIII but instead is now being labeled as Final Fantasy XV and it will be coming to the PS3 and Wii U.

According to German site Zocking Extreme, they warn that they have no idea where the actual video comes from and can't confirm its source. The YouTube video has lots of dislikes and is consistently labeled as "Fake".

You can see the video and judge for yourself. Check it out.

If it is fake they did a pretty good job of it. It looks like it's taking place on a campus with a small room full of people. Also, the reaction when the audience sees the Wii U logo is too rich to be fake. You can't cue that kind of enthusiasm from gamers, we're too lazy to pretend to be that excited about something unless we're paid lots of money *cough*like them*cough*.

Anyways, the verdict is still out on this video but it would make sense for Square to repackage one of the most highly anticipated Final Fantasy games ever (Versus XIII) and then rename it to Final Fantasy XV to get the bad taste of Final Fantasy XIV out of people's mouths with a game that actually looks good and has been praised for its evolved direction for the franchise. Business wise, it's a smart decision.

Still, if the game really is coming to the Wii U and PS3 then it at least confirms that Square and Nintendo may have finally repaired their relationship to a point where Square can release blockbuster, unit-selling games on Nintendo's console again. That's fantastic news for Final Fantasy and Nintendo fanboys.

We'll be able to tell soon enough if the video is a fake or not at E3 next week. Exciting times ahead.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.