FireFall Dev Diary: Game Starts With 10 Square Miles, Features An Entire Planet

Talk about an ambitious open-world project...Red 5's CEO and CCO, Mark Kern, revealed that the game will start with 10 square miles of content to unlock, but eventually if players work together they can unlock an entire planet worth of content. Is that not insane or what?

FireFall is a third or first-person shooter that enables gamers to experience all the role-playing and leveling qualities of a standard MMO. By all accounts, it's an MMOFPS or an MMOTPS. Regardless of its classification, the game sports some fascinating features such as town raids, guilds, clan tournaments, PvP, PvE and open-world exploration and vehicle transports.

In the following dev diary Kern talks about how the game will grow with the growth of the players. How players will ultimately shape and determine how fast the world of FireFall expands. Which is kind of cool.

I knew that the game had an expansive world but an entire planet? Yikes. That just makes me all the more excited to play the game.

Regardless of what you think of free-to-play titles or MMOs, you have to admit that FireFall is at least an intriguing attempt to revolutionize the genre and move it forward. I'm glad it's not just some cheap cash-in title like some licensed MMOs out there.

You can sign-up for the beta right now or learn more about the game as it readies for launch by paying a visit to the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.