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PC Gamer UK is the first publication to deliver a verdict on Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Their review says that the game lives up to the hype.

The eight-page review by Tom Francis states that Human Revolution "is absolutely the Deus Ex of our age, a genuinely worthy prequel, and a game that puts almost everything else in the genre to shame.” The game was given a score of 94.

"A dark, cool and beautiful revival of an incredible game," Francis adds. "Smart, substantial, funny, creative and endlessly entertaining.”

Human Revolution takes place 25 years before the first Deus Ex. Adam Jensen, a security guard, is nearly killed during an attack on his company. His employer implants mechanical augmentations in his body in order to save his life. Armed with burgeoning abilities from his implants, Jensen sets out to investigate the attack and the wider conspiracy behind it.

Much like its predecessors, Revolution allows players a lot of tactical decisions. You can complete a mission in a variety of ways depending on your playstyle, augmentations and equipment. Let's say you wanted to infiltrate an enemy base. You could charge the front gate with your guns blazing, bluff the guard, sneak in through the sewers, or hack the side gate. The large amount of player choice not only makes the game appealing to a wide variety of gamers but also adds to the replayability.

The latest PC Gamer UK issue, which contains the Human Revolution review, will be available for purchase online next Wednesday. It should be arriving in subscriber's mailboxes now. The cover art for the issue is below.

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