First DmC Devil May Cry Review Is Surprisingly Positive

The upcoming reboot for Devil May Cry has seen its share of pre-release hate but the game might turn out better than expected. The world first review for DmC is a 9/10 and says that it's actually better than previous games in some ways.

Dmc Devil May Cry introduces a brand new story set in Limbo City. The city's human inhabitants are being controlled by demons. Dante, a young man with both demon and angel blood, must combat these demons. Swedish Magazine LEVEL's review says that the story is more "serious" than it was in earlier games. Furthermore, the gameplay and story are "well integrated."

The reboot features the series' signature hack-and-slash action. Veteran Devil May Cry fans, LEVEL says, will feel right at home. The changes that new developer Ninja Theory made were positive, with the controls being much improved. The review also states that the level design is fun and varied, with intense platforming to break up the combat sequences.

The usual disclaimer about early reviews still applies. Occasionally the first reviews can be spot-on, as was the case with Dishonored. However, sometimes they're much more glowing than most reviews. Occasionally publishers will give a magazine or website permission to publish their impressions on a game earlier than the competition if they're extremely positive. It's best to wait and see what other reviews say before you pre-order.

DmC will launch in January. Publisher Capcom expects it to sell 2 million copies in its first two months.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.