(Update: Erik has done an updated piece in favor of used games sticking around a bit longer)

Why, Erik?! Whhhhhy?!

It should be easy to cross the lines and stand on the opposite side of the battlefield but it's not. As many of you know, Erik Kain is the man we usually look to for support and some sense of solace during troubling times of consumer mistreatment in the video game industry; sticking up for gamers during the Mass Effect 3 fiasco, the Diablo III fallout and a lot of other scenarios not worth naming here. However, today...sadly...Erik was persuaded by the dark side.

If you're not sure what all the fuss is about regarding used games, you can read up on it in our consumer policy and concerns guide for the Xbox One.

TotalBiscuit's influence has reached out a lot farther than I thought it would and I warned readers in that piece about this very thing happening. He caters to a large swath of the video-dependent gaming audience and he has quite the following on YouTube and Reddit; no laughing matter, I might add.

Despite the achievements, TotalBiscuit's opinion supports that used games should be done away with and that the Xbox One (and presumably Sony's PS4) embracing fees for used games is a good thing. Publishers get their money, gamers get their games. Ben Kuchera from Penny Arcade also believes the same thing, and now, Erik Kain has joined in on the fray.

I'm not going to repeat a lot of what's already been said, but here's the part that kind of stings the most...
The end of used games won’t be a peaceful or happy transition and for a while at least, I suspect consumers very well might suffer the most. But the end-game is a world without powerful third-parties like GameStop strong-arming the rest of the industry into brick-and-mortar prices when we should be paying much less and game companies should be earning much more on the dollar.

Ohhhh, fail.

Now, I already did a report on how DLC makes just as much money as used game sales and I already pointed out how 70% of GameStop's used sales are actually reinvested by gamers back toward new games (something I can attest to as anecdotal evidence).

The reality is that these guys aren't out there to do the devil's work for AAA publishers, purposefully misleading their audiences, they just haven't been informed about the numbers: The factual data from various studies and reports showcasing a continued decline in used game revenue year over year that also coincides with the drop in overall revenue from software sales in the retail sector. DLC and digital sales have also caught up to and – if they continue their upward swing in consumption – will surpass the totality of retail used game software sales heading into 2014.

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