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Free Batman: Arkham Asylum DLC Next Week

You may not have noticed but the menu screen for Batman: Arkham Asylum has a news ticker. Not only that, but it actually contains useful news.

The ticker currently notes that "New free downloadable content is coming in 9 days!" (via Joystiq). Assuming that the message went up today, that means that it'll arrive on September 17th.

The game features standalone stealth and combat challenges so the free content could be a new challenge. GameStop pre-order customers got a free Scarecrow-themed challenge so maybe they'll be releasing that to everyone else. Or perhaps it's just a new costume or two for Batman to wear. When a console game gets free DLC, it's usually pretty minor.

Even if the new content's a bust, though, the game itself is damn solid.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.