Insomniac Games released the final box art for their co-op shooter Fuse this afternoon. The art features the team of covert agents known as Overstrike 9 - or most of them, anyway.

The box art actually cuts off the top half of each team member's head. The image almost looks like a poorly cropped photo at first. However, the objective is to apparently highlight the glowing orange weapons that they wield.

The weapons are actually a key part of the game's premise. Each character's weapon is charged with Fuse, an alien element that gives them special properties. For example, Izzy's Shattergun lets her freeze enemy and Naya's Warp Rifle can create miniature black holes.

I wish that the box art actually showed one or more of these weapons' abilities in action. It would be a lot more eye-catching and informative than a shot of the weapons glowing mysteriously. That's a tall order, though, because whatever cover art they use needs to show all four characters at the same time to highlight the co-op.

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