Fuse, the upcoming supercharged four-player, third-person shooter from Insomniac, is headed our way on May 28. You won’t have to wait much longer to take the elite operatives of Overstrike 9 for a test drive, however, as it has now been announced that a demo is hitting PSN and Xbox Live next week.

Releasing on the PS3 and Xbox 360 later this month, giving players the chance to experience one-to-four-player shooting goodness as four elite soldiers, each with their own unique abilities and weaponry. While technically designed as a co-op experience, those who prefer to fly solo can take advantage of the game’s unique LEAP system, which will allow the player to switch between characters at will.

Along with the single player campaign, Fuse will also offer a wave-based mode called Echelon. That mode won’t be available in the demo, though. Instead, the demo will drop players right into the heat of battle partway through the storyline.

“The team must stop rogue group Raven from carrying out its horrific plan to form a new world order,” said Insomniac Games Community Lead James Stevenson in a recent post on the PlayStation Blog. “The section of the demo comes from around the halfway point of the game, so we’ve powered up the four characters a bit to give you a sample of all their capabilities.”

If you’re sold on Fuse after playing the demo next Tuesday, you can pre-order it before May 28 to earn some exclusive goodies.

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