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Rockstar Games has yet to reveal the full map for GTA V. However, a group of fans on GTAForums decided to assemble their own map based on images released by the developer thus far.

What's really striking about the map is the size of Los Santos. The city only takes up about a quarter of the island. The rest is either wilderness or smaller towns. There's also an ocean for players to explore.

You can't get a sense of exactly how large the world is from the map. However, Rockstar previously stated that it's larger than the worlds of GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption, and GTA: San Andreas combined. Maybe they'll release an official map of GTA V with those other maps layered on top of it, just to prove the point?

Rockstar has also stated in the past that they want the game world of GTA V to be dense as well. They want the world to have a lot of detail to it, as well as plenty of side activities for players to find. I hope they make good on that promise. A huge game world is wasted if there's nothing to actually do there.

The special edition and collector's edition of GTA V will each come with a hard copy of the official game map, along with other extras. The map in question has the same blueprint style as this fan creation.

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