On the eve of San Diego Comic Con, Bigpoint has released the first trailer for the MMO Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms. The trailer is modeled after the opening credits for the Thrones TV show, complete with that catchy ass song.

Little bits of gameplay footage are seeded throughout the trailer. Looks like there's going to be a healthy amount of hacking and/or slashing. There's a hint at some stealth, too - no doubt a preferred tactic of Lannister dogs.

Seven Kingdoms is a free-to-player, browser-based game. Several armies are fighting for control of Westeros and players will be thrust into the middle of this conflict. There's been talk of player-versus-player combat and siege warfare. All I wanna know is whether I can be a quick-witted dwarf.

Bigpoint plans to launch the game sometime next year.

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