The Cataclysm expansion for World of Warcraft goes live at midnight on December 7th. GameStop wants to make sure you've got the game in your hands at that time.

Approximately 3,500 GameStop stores will be hosting midnight launch events for Cataclysm. Starting at 10 PM local time on December 6th, these stores will be opening up for trivia and dance contests as well as other festivities. The exact opening time and magnitude of festivities will vary from store to store. Best to call your local GameStop to find out what the deal is.

GameStop will then sell the game to pre-order customers at 12:01 am. When you pick the game up, you'll get a Cataclysm Perk Pack entitling you to special partner discounts, like 20% off Linksys/Cisco wireless routers. Also, any pre-order customers who pick up the game on the 7th or 8th will earn 50% more PowerUp Rewards points than normal.

One little crucial detail to note is that the American game servers for Cataclysm don't go live until 12 AM PST, which would be 3 AM here in New York. Therefore, you might get the game at midnight and be able to install it but you'll have to wait a bit to actually log in and play.

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