Gamers Rage Over Resident Evil 6 Day-One DLC Pre-Order Bonuses

Coming hot off the heels of the Street Fighter X Tekken controversy, Capcom has found themselves in hot water yet again. This time it's over the day-one DLC pre-order bonuses for Resident Evil 6 that are exclusive to specific retailers.

Just recently Capcom announced the pre-order bonus specialties for Resident Evil 6. Now, day-one DLC has been a very frequent thing this gen (and it's becoming even more frequent) the issue people are having with Resident Evil 6 is that specific maps in the mercenaries mode will be restricted to specific retailers as a pre-order bonus. Meaning, if you pre-order from Best Buy you won't receive the extra playable map from GameStop unless you buy it as an extra.

Usually, in the past, these pre-order bonuses were limited to accessories or clothing items, maybe an unessential weapon or two, and in some rare cases a special character. These bonuses are nothing new and it's become a growing trend this generation. However, this time around actual multiplayer gameplay maps are disc-locked and sold separately as pre-order goodies. Alternatively you could wait and buy the maps later if you don't get them from a specific retailer.

After the news broke on Capcom's Unity Forum, it didn't take long for the people already entrenched in anger at Capcom's blatant cash-grab with the Asura's Wrath ending as well as all the issues involving Street Fighter X Tekken, to voice more outrage over the on-disc DLC issue.

Nerd Reactor makes the astute point that while the pre-order bonuses aren't bad in themselves, the problem is that if you want to engage in the multiplayer and you don't have the map, you'll need to fork over extra cash to play with friends or fellow zombie-hunters.

They also make the point of bringing up that for people who play the game for multiplayer and want the "complete" experience, it can easily raise the price of entry from $60 to possibly $70 or $80. This is not uncommon given that if you want the complete character roster for Street Fighter X Tekken the total cost (including the 12 disc-locked characters) would also run you $80.

Speculation is that due to the project having more than 600 people working on the game, Capcom is looking for extra ways to recoup expenses. I tend to doubt that following up on their Street Fighter X Tekken scheme is the right way to go about it.

While it may be a difficult thing to do, you might want to hold off on the first iteration of Resident Evil 6 if you want the "complete" experience and wait for the Super Turbo Gold Tournament Zombie Killing Edition. At least you won't have to worry about paying for hidden extras.

Stay classy Capcom.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.