To no one's surprise, Capcom expects Resident Evil 6 to do pretty well in the sales department. Senior vice president Christian Svensson says that they're hoping RE6 to be the biggest game in the series thus far.

"The plan is the biggest Resident Evil game ever. We’re not messing around," Svensson told GI.

Capcom announced RE6 back in January. Svensson said they weren't concerned that the unveiling would overshadow Resident Evil Revelations or Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, the two other 2012 releases in the RE series. Instead, it helped both of those games.

"We thought it would actually raise the awareness of all things Resident Evil, and as it turns out it did. Our preorders for Revelations and Raccoon City were both helped on an upward spike with the announcement of Resident Evil 6. The pre-orders for Resident Evil 6 are off to a fantastic start. The best start a Resident Evil game has ever had."

RE6's first trailer says its PS3/Xbox 360 release date is November 20th. The company isn't concerned with launching the game in the middle of the crowded holiday season. They think it can hang with the big dogs.

"We’re saying, 'Get the hell out of the way.' We’re a big game. We’re letting you know we’re coming," Svensson said of the decision to announce the release date so early. "We’re giving people plenty of room to move around us. The other part is the nuts and bolts of it. If we put our stake in the ground, we can start lining up retail channel promotions, etc."

Resident Evil 6 stars Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield. Redfield will be battling infected out in China while Kennedy deals with a zombie president here in the United States.

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