All right, here's a complete rundown, recap and overview of all the highlights that took place throughout calendar year 2012. We have an overview of everything that helped shape, destroy, distort, repair and change the way we view video game entertainment and interactive entertainment product consumption. The gaming industry definitely made some changes for better and worse and you can read through what some of those changes were that happened throughout 2012. There's also no doubt that some of those said changes will certainly shape or modify how we experience 2013. So without further ado, here is the Gaming Blend 2012 recap.

Ah, January. What can we say? It was the start of a new year and everything was getting into focus. All the horrors of 2012 that would forever help shape a new direction for the gaming industry weren't even whispers floating around on a breezy winter night. No, January was basically a recap of 2011 and then some horribly disappointing foreshadowing for the rest of 2012: More of the same from mainstream gaming with little or no effort put into creatively expanding a medium entirely based on creative expansion. Sony and Microsoft both confirmed that there would be no new consoles showcased, hinted at or sold in 2012 and that it would be more of the same. Business as usual. Boy, wasn't that a hard truth to swallow. Thankfully, Nintendo kept the community's interest piqued with the Wii U.

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