Gears of War: Judgment launches today, once again allowing players to step into the blood and grit-caked boots of of COG soldiers on a quest to curb-stomp invading Locusts straight to hell. In case you weren't already sold on the game, however, a multiplayer demo is being offered on Xbox Live starting today.

I'd like to assume that, at this point, most people already know whether or not they will be picking up Judgment. The fourth game in the Gears of War series, I'm guessing you already know whether or not this third-person action romp is your cup of tea or not. But just in case you needed a little more convincing, Major Nelson has announced today's launch of a Gears of War: Judgment multiplayer demo. In the demo, players will have the opportunity to take on the game's OverRun mode, with XP earned during play carrying over to the game proper if you choose to buy the full package within the first week.

Gears of War: Judgment is something of a departure for the series as it serves as a prequel to the original series, taking place before humanity has discovered the Locust horde. We already know that one of the main antagonists, Baird, kinda-sorta exploded a massive bomb and is now facing the death penalty. Baird's is now facing a tribunal and must explain his actions, along with the help of fellow squad members Cole, Sofia and Paduk. The game unfolds as each of these soldiers recounts part of the story leading up to the bomb detonation, which of course eventually leads into the events of the original Gears of War. We reported a couple of weeks ago, however, that the game also features a second campaign, called Aftermath, which takes place during the events of Gears of War 3.

Gears of War: Judgment and the multiplayer demo releases today for the Xbox 360. You can check out a cinematic trailer for the game here or treat yourself to a developer diary with People Can Fly here.

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