Gears of War: Judgment studio People Can Fly has released a new behind-the-scenes video for the Xbox 360 shooter. They give gamers a tour of their Warsaw, Poland office and show some of the work they've done on Judgment.

Judgment is the first game in the series that Epic Games isn't solely developing. Instead, Epic is co-developing it along with their subsidiary People Can Fly. PCF was responsible for the PC version of the first Gears, and also created the 2011 shooter Bulletstorm.

During the tour of the office, they touch on a few aspects of the game's development. For example, PCF play-tests the multiplayer for Judgment on a daily basis. The various consoles in the testing room have names of character classes of them, references to the Overrun mode.

Judgment will debut on March 19th in North America, and then arrive in Europe on the 22nd.

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