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Microsoft and developer Motiga have been working arduously on bringing their MOBA-style, free-to-play action game, Gigantic, to PC and Xbox One. Gamers have been play-testing the title off and on during a closed beta period, but now Motiga is going a different route with the beta by enabling gamers who are registered to have 24/7 access to the content.

DualShockers did a quick post notifying gamers that they will now have their Gamertag displayed when they log in instead of having the standard account name. Motiga also has a brand new client available for those who are participating in the limited closed beta, so it's been suggested to uninstall the old client and download the new one.

A new hero is also on the way but they didn't reveal who it was, only saying that they would “right around the corner”, as noted on their Facebook page. New cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC users is also inbound, with Microsoft finally taking advantage of the large playerbase between both systems that has been foregone in so many of the previous Xbox One titles released on PC. Sony, alternatively, has been making good on a whole lot of cross-platform play between PS4 and PC users with games like War Thunder and Warframe. So it's nice that Microsoft is getting in on the action.

These changes and updates will go into effect this upcoming Wednesday on January 20.

Gamespot also explained that many of these changes are coming after the game was delayed from out of 2015 and into 2016. The delay ended up costing the production 16 jobs from the publishing side of the table, but the developers mentioned that they would still truck on with Gigantic.

The reason for the delay came after they received a lot of feedback during the closed beta, where gamers made a number of critical suggestions about the direction of the game and the content therein. Hopefully all the changes that they're making to the title will be for its benefit when it finally does release in 2016.

As for the upcoming beta re-launch... for those of you who are already signed up, you'll receive new beta redemption keys and this will enable you to participate in the new 24/7 closed beta test.

The game itself is played like an action-oriented, third-person, hack-and-slash style MOBA title where players will have to work together with four other teammates while battling an opposing team of players. The objective is to destroy the giant on the opposite team to win. Players will have to strategically work together to protect their giant while trying to incapacitate the giant on the other team. It sounds interesting on paper, but it's hard to tell how well this will work in real-time, especially as a game aiming to have a long tail end.

With stiff competition from games like SMITE, Dota 2 and League of Legends, we'll see how well things turn out for Gigantic when it launches later this year for the Xbox One and PC.