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If you Kinect owners are looking for another party game, we've got the answer for you. Gaming Blend is giving away one free copy of Wipeout in the Zone for the Xbox 360 this week.

In the Zone is based on the game show Wipeout. In the show, contestants must navigate a series of obstacle courses. One false step and you end up getting hit in the groin or falling into a pool of water. This game lets you experience the action of the show without so much of the embarassment or pain.

The TV show is supplemented by a weekly web series. These webisodes follow the Black & Blue Crew, a group of athletic men and women who test the courses before they're used on the show. A teaser for the web series is below.

If you're interested in the free copy of Wipeout: In The Zone, simply follow us on Facebook. Those of you who are already followers can simply leave a comment on this article's Facebook post. We'll select a random winner at 5PM EST on Tuesday, February 21st.

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