Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Released For PS3

Today Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas made its long awaited debut on the PS3. Gamers in North America can download the sandbox action title through PSN for $14.99. European PS3 owners will receive the game tomorrow.

San Andreas, originally released in 2004, was set in a fictionalized version of California, with three major cities to explore. Players could explore the massive game world with a variety of vehicles, including airplanes, motorcycles and boats. There were also a few unusual rides hidden throughout the world, including a jetpack and combine harvester.

The campaign centers around CJ, a gang member returning to his home city of Los Santos after a long absence. You can learn more about the story by watching the introduction video below. This 20-minute prologue introduces many of the colorful characters you'll encounter and provides insight into the many subplots. Expect to hear many familiar celebrity voices.

It's a bit crazy how long PS3 gamers had to wait for this port. San Andreas has been available on Xbox Live and Steam since 2008. Better late than never, though, right?

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.