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Great Little War Game was “great” and all, but if Rubicon Development has anything to say about it, their latest cross-platform addition to the franchise, Great Big War Game will make those old battles look more like pillow fights.

Rubicon announced today that their turn-based strategy title, Great Big War Game, will be available on July 18 for $2.99. The game is initially releasing for iOS and Android devices and, big news for series fans, the game will be cross-platform compatible. You can battle pretty much anyone who has the game, no matter what device either of you are using.

A free “lite” version of the game is also headed down the pipeline, as well as introduction to additional platforms.

In Great Big War Game, players take on the role of a soldier named Jenkins as he wages war with the enemy while putting up with an insipid Generalissimo. Players must fortify their own bases while also going on the offensive, utilizing ground, air and sea units on a 3D hex-grid battlefield.

The game sports 50 single player missions, the ability to pass and play with local friends, a whopping 70 multiplayer maps, customizable armies and Achievements to unlock. With online multiplayer being asynchronous, you can even play a turn on one device, then pick up the match on a different device.

Strap up your boots, shoulder that pack and make sure your rifle is fully loaded, because Great Big War Game is set to deploy in just one week.

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