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A new in-game trailer from Codemasters' upcoming arcade racer, Grid 2 features some break-neck speed racing and intense drifting within closed circuit tracks. The latest trailer, as depicted above [via DSO Gaming], is a race against the timer to reach the finish line. It's kind of crazy because as the timer is counting down you're hoping that things just turn out a lot different than the way they do.

I think it's an effective promotional trailer, however, as it gives gamers a real sense of racing urgency. It's also to see how many racing simulators incite a lot more tension than FPS games given that the stress of failure continually mounts every time a checkpoint pole is passed and that timer just keeps on dwindling down at such a rapid pace. I always found myself becoming distracted between keeping pace in the lap and trying to watch the to timer to see if I even have enough time to get to the finish line.

I'm more than sure that the timer was artificially set lower to enhance that moment of tension to get racing geeks and gearhead aficionados telling themselves that they could beat the clock if they just had a crack at it. I'm pretty sure it also convinced a lot of gamers to go look for a Grid 2 demo to try their hand at it for themselves.

You can look for Grid 2 to launch on May 28th for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. For more information on the new racer from Codemasters, feel free to visit the game's official website.

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