Gamigo officially canceled Grimlands not too long ago. The game was taking longer than expected and required a lot more work than what Gamigo was willing to put into it. Quite naturally, the publisher abandoned ship and Grimlands was left to rot...well, not anymore.

Developer Drago Entertainment decided to take things into their own hands and wanted to make and finish the game of their dreams.

Head of development at Drago Entertainment, Lucjan Mikociak, commented about the game, saying...
"Grimlands is the MMORPG we always wanted to play", ... "We strive to mix the shooter- and RPG-gameplay inspired by Fallout 3 and Borderlands with the social dynamics and freedom of choice like in Ultima Online."

I barely had a chance to play the game because the CBT was buggy and unoptimized (which is how most CBTs are) and I only got as far as walking around in the desert for a bit before exiting due to framerate issues. But it's not the game's fault it wasn't finished or that it was canceled prematurely. Remember the last time a publisher bailed on an ambitious project it was United Front Games' Sleeping Dogs and that turned ou to be one of the best games of 2012.

Mikociak further stated that...
“When gamigo announced they would no longer fund the development of Grimlands, we were all shocked, given we had spend more than five years on this game and are finally so close to release”, ... “However, at the same time the numerous outcries from Press and Players around the globe convinced us that the market eagerly awaits our title and that we have to keep working towards launch.”

“There is no way around it: Big games need big money. Since gamigo stopped funding us in January, we have survived thanks to friends and family support. However, in order to properly finish the game by year’s end, we need further funding of 650.000 USD. After talking to several publishers and investors we feel only Kickstarter allows this without compromising our vision!”

There isn't a huge shift in the major publishing circles for an open-world, post-apocalyptic, shooter-RPG, despite the popularity of games like Fallout and Borderlands. If you wanted to play something like that with friends, feel free to support Grimlands on Kickstarter.

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