Gamigo has announced that the open-world, post-apocalyptic, vehicular first-person shooter, Grimlands, will be heading back into closed beta testing this week and will run all the way up until December 5th, giving gamers a little bit of time to hop in on the action for an entire week.

As stated in the press release for the game, the second closed beta will contain a lot of new content and revamps...
Beta testers can look forward to around three-times as much game content. There are mercenaries and mutants to fight in far-off settlements which they have taken control of. In addition to this the number of dungeons has grown to 23. With the new version there's been a comprehensive renewal of the interface, substantially more intelligent opponents, a reworked shooter feeling, and improved graphic effects.

In addition to basically redoing or revamping everything, the game's graphics have been overhauled, which some of you may remember as being quite lackluster in the first phase of closed beta testing. The team has also optimized performance so you no longer have to worry about the chug-a-lug gameplay and piss-poor framerates that probably made your computer feel like it was wagging a hotdog in a sausage measuring contest.

Most importantly, though, is that the AI and shooting mechanics have been completely reworked and redone so that it feels tighter, deadlier and more robust. This is great news for anyone who has wanted to really get knee-deep into the shooter and sniping aspects of the Grimlands open-world atmosphere.

You can learn more about the beta or try your hand at participating by visiting the Official Website. Remember, you only have a make the most of it.

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