Some games aren't quite as easy-peasy as we'd like to think. There are some games that give us a real run for our money and a serious challenge and sometimes the best obstacles and the most demanding opposition isn't from the AI but from mastering the mechanics of the game. Well, to help out with that is a brand new, full-fledged, gameplay guide for the recently released Guardians of Middle-Earth.

XBLA Fans has a complete rundown of all the goodies, powers, tactics and professions to master in the multiplayer battle arena game from Warner Bros. Games.

The guide will help Xbox 360 gamers master the controls, the tactics and strategies associated with playing a MOBA-style title. As we all know, just because it's a game and it's fun doesn't necessarily mean you'll have every aspect mastered like Tiger Woods cheating on his wife. It takes some practice, it takes some skill and more than anything, it takes a lot of reading and dedication. You have to know when to call the mistresses, when to setup the dates, how to erase the messages from the machine and how to keep your cell phone clear of any unsavory implications. Well, it's the same thing with getting good with a MOBA title: time and dedication to the craft.

If you want to master Guardians of Middle-Earth and you need a little help getting there, be sure to check out the complete guide over at XBLA Fans, which covers general strategies, character strategies, evil characters and good characters...just to name a few.

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