I'm sure this is exciting times for gamers everywhere. One of the successfully funded games from Kickstarter has completed alpha and is moving into the beta phase of testing...open beta, to be exact. Gamers everywhere are invited to give Guncraft a test run before final release.

John Getty, Executive Producer from Exato Game Studios stated in the press release that...
"With the availability of this open beta we welcome the feedback and participation of a much wider audience"... "For fans of both Minecraft and Modern Warfare games we offer a unique experience not found anywhere else."

The game's open-ended sandbox environment gives gamers the ability to create, manipulate and modify the game world using the blocky voxels. It's identical, in some regards to Minecraft. However, the point of the game is competitive first-person shooting.

Alex Schlee, co-founder of Exato Game Studios commented, saying...
"We were looking to make a game where the destruction of just about everything was fair game, where every wall, floor, and roof was capable of being blown away and create lines of sight and opportunities to take out your enemy"

That's a pretty cool concept for a shooting title. It definitely creates new opportunities for players to experiment with and a lot of ideas to juggle around regarding the interaction of environmental destruction, and that should definitely make for fun times in team deathmatch.

You can learn more about Guncraft by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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