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Gundog Preps For Early April Beta Test

You know what most online team-based third-person shooters get wrong? You don't play as anthropomorphic K9's toting heavy firepower. Thankfully, OGPlanet is correcting that mistake with their upcoming offering Gundog. It's about dogs...with guns.

When Shakespeare said we should “let loose the dogs of war,” I don't think he ever thought someone would take it as literally as the folks at OGPlanet and developer Innoceed. In Gundog, an Animal World War is raging between the Empire and the Union, and it's the player's job to pick a side and join the fray. Gunddog is a free-to-play online shooter, featuring six classes, 50 playable characters, multiple maps and a handful of game modes.

A strategic shooting affair, Gundogs focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of various classes like the medic, rifleman, sniper, etc. You can swap your class on the fly, meaning that you can adjust to the different needs of the battlefield rather than sticking with a class suited poorly to a given round.

The game also features a card collecting component, which allows players to adjust their character's stats and abilities by collecting and applying special cards to their loadout.

“We're really excited to bring Gundog to our player community,” said OGPlanet CEO Sangchul Park. “Between the distinctive art style, the intense team-based combat and the addictive card-collection elements, we think players will love what Gundog has to offer.”

An open beta is currently scheduled for April 4-8. To sign up or to learn more about the game, just head on over to the Gundog official website.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.