This weekend McFarlane Toys revealed a new set of Halo action figures coming this fall. Some of these figures include characters from Halo 4. It seems Master Chief will be sporting new duds in that game.

Master Chief is still wearing olive green armor with a gold visor. However, the armor is a lot leaner on this Halo 4 action figure. There's a lot more space between the plating, revealing the black bodysuit underneath. While it sure looks cool, it does seem a lot less resistant to enemy fire.

This may not be what Master Chief looks like in the game, though. The figure is a prototype so it's still pending approval from the licensor (Microsoft).

McFarlane Toys has two other Halo lines coming this year as well. Halo Micro Ops offers collectors a series of character, vehicles, and structures from the series. All of these miniatures are roughly a hundredth the size of the "real" versions. If you want to create your own Halo battle scenes, these Micro Ops seem like your best bet.

The second product line is called Halo Avatars. These 2.5 inch figures are based on Xbox Live Avatars. Each figure comes with Halo-themed apparel. This apparel can be mixed and matched to your liking.

Images of the figures revealed this weekend are below.

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