343 Industries shed some light on the Halo 4's Castle Map Pack today. The Castle Pack, the game's third add-on, provides three maps for competitive online play.

The first map, Daybreak, features two UNSC bases in the middle of a mountain range. Outcast is set in and around a desert outpost. Perdition is a crowded urban environment. All three maps are described as "medium-to-large," making them suitable for vehicle battles. Playing these maps will give you the opportunity to earn nine new Achievements.

The map pack will be accompanied by a new playlist. The "Castle DLC" playlist offers up six-versus-six matches exclusively on the new maps. The Castle maps will also be available in the usual Infinity Slayer, Big Team Objective, and Dominion playlists provided that all players own the DLC.

The Castle Map Pack can be purchased for 800 Microsoft Points starting on April 8th. Alternately, you can splurge on the $25 War Games Map Pass to get access to the Castle, Crimson and Majestic add-ons.

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