All of you Spartans in need of some new stomping grounds will be happy to hear that the Halo 4 Majestic Map Pack is headed this way. According to 343 Industries, you can grab the packs three new maps, one new game mode and additional playlists on Feb. 25.

Coming to you from Certain Affinity, in collaboration with 343, the Majestic Map Pack, according to Major Nelson, is all about the in-your-face struggles of close quarters combat.

The main attraction for most Halo 4 fans will be the three new maps. Landfall is billed as “a shining city under attack,” and allows players to battle through the crumbling remains of Casbah’s port authority building.

The Monolith map, “adrift in a forgotten asteroid belt,” takes place on a Forerunner monument and features little cover. According to the post, it’s supposed to harken back to Halo maps of old.

Finally, there’s Skyline which, appropriately enough, takes place on the rooftop of a construction site.

These new maps will be accompanied by a new game type, Infinity Rumble, a free-for-all mode that sees players battling to build ordinance in order to turn the tide of battle. New playlists are also in the pack, including a Majestic free-for-all set for up to eight players, and a Majestic Team set for 4 vs. 4 competition.

Look for the Majestic DLC to hit Halo 4 on Feb. 25.

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