Next week 343 Industries will wrap up the Halo 4 Spartan Ops campaign. Today they've released a cinematic trailer that provides a glimpse at the tenth and final episode, called "Exodus."

In Episode 10, Jul 'Mdama is about to achieve his goal of acquiring hidden Forerunner technology. It falls to the Spartan soldiers of the UNSC Infinity to stop his plans. This finale will play out over five missions and a new CGI cutscene.

The Spartan Ops campaign can be downloaded for free by any Halo 4. New episodes have been released on a weekly basis since the game's launch, aside from a holiday hiatus. 343 has described these ten episodes as "Season One," leaving the door open for future digital campaigns. Will Season Two be released for Halo 4 or the next Halo?

Episode 10 will hit Xbox Live on Monday, February 18th at 3 AM PST.

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