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As expected, Microsoft is releasing a limited edition Xbox 360 console to celebrate Halo 4's release this fall. The special bundle was listed briefly on the Microsoft Store before being taken down.

Fortunately The Little English Halo Blog managed to grab the images and information before Microsoft hid it. The $399 bundle features a 320GB Xbox 360 with a custom paint job. It plays Halo 4 sound effects when you turn on the console or push the eject button.

Also included are two wireless controllers with blue LED lights and matching decals. Not sure how to describe the paint job, by the way - science fiction-y metal? Anyway, you can also purchase these controllers separately for $60.

A couple other extras round out the package. You'll get a download code for cosmetic Halo 4 in-game content, such as a unique weapon and armor skin. You'll also get a black headset so you can engage in polite discourse over Xbox Live.

It's curious that they always include standard editions of games in these sorts of bundles rather than collector's editions. If you're enough of a Halo superfan to buy a special console, you're probably going to want the Limited Edition and all of its bonuses too, right? I suppose that would bump up the price of the package a little too much, though.

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