Subscribe To Halo 5 Hoax Site Preps Fake Announcement For Xbox One Updates
Not too long ago we recently wrote about a group that uses viral hoaxes for some undetermined end. The group operates under the name of “Swenzy”, for now. Previously they were called SocialVevo and they also have ties to SocialEvo and, where they used a media marketing front to host fake Grand Theft Auto files called City of Paradise. It was a hard hoax to spot on the outset because is a legitimate business front. However, if you keep digging around you'll find that things seem a bit fishy as far as ownership and administration goes, and you'll see that there are still ties to SocialVevo and Adixy, which are now referred to as Swenzy.

Well, all of that is to say that the group is back at it again to presumably get a campaign underway for Halo 5.

We were tipped off by a reader that Swenzy has up another site ready to hoax and spoof their way to continued fame by tricking people into clicking through their content. The site is and has a simple tagline of “He Returns... Exclusively On Xbox One!” with a desert background and the Xbox One logo on the site.

The overall presentation of the site appears pretty bare bones at the moment, but I imagine it might get a slightly facelift leading up to their prime hoax, similar to what they did with the fake GTA V PC release date countdown that was followed by their GTA: City of Paradise hoax.

Some sites have already been duped, putting up pieces questioning the potential countdown toward some spectacular reveal, but as we've reported on before, Swenzy is a fraud as far as promises go and they're only out to sell social media virality.

Even more so, Swenzy has come under enough fire from some media news organizations, such as the Daily Dot, that they eventually had to shutdown their YouTube services for “security purposes”.

Hopefully people catch wind enough about Swenzy's ill-intentions not to get sucked into the fake hype. We were pretty much fooled for a bit with those bad photoshop scans hosted on a Bulgarian media markketing website, where it was believed that Rockstar had meetings with a marketing company for an upcoming series of Grand Theft Auto themed content releases. Turns out, it was all fake.

We contacted Take-Two Interactive about whether or not they had knowledge of the events involving the use of Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto material being used by Swenzy to sell their social media products, but at the time of publishing this article we haven't received any response (though I'm pretty sure most of the PR for Take-Two are still pretty wasted from the rummed up eggnog they scarfed down over the holiday week.)

I imagine Swenzy's days could be numbered as a hoax outlet trying to sell Facebook likes, Twitter followers and Instagram hits if they keep getting busted. If more sites continue to do a bit of research into the bread crumbs they leave behind at every hoax and out them before people get duped into their scam, maybe we won't see this sort of stuff continually rearing its head in the news feeds. But then again, you can never underestimate the verve of a fraudster... they'll get you where you least expect it when you least expect it.

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