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Yes, robots from a Japanese parade have taken control of Ensemble Studios and will now produce Halo Wars! No, I’m just kidding. Catchy headline, eh? Well, that’s what's being reported now that Ensemble Studios can nearly be regarded as done and closed.

TheGameReviews recently posted the story about the new development group that the Ensemble Studios design team is now running, called Robot Entertainment. Hence, that’s why the headline insinuates that Halo Wars is being run by a Robot…Robot Entertainment. Hopefully there were more laughs than cries of anger from readers.

Anyway, the new studio is already working on new intellectual property. According to the article they’ll also continue to support Halo Wars with downloadable content.

"The video game industry is in a state of upheaval," said Goodman in the press release, "not just games, but the entire landscape. Everything is changing: where we buy games, how we buy games, how much we pay, how long we play, who we play them with. As a fast-moving team of game developers, industry leaders and market experts, Robot Entertainment is ideally positioned to play a transformative role in the industry’s future."

Well, best of luck to those guys and gals. The economy isn’t making anything any easier on the gaming industry, despite record breaking month-on-end sales. You can check out the Official Robot Entertainment Website. And be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for further updates and news on all things gaming.

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