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We can stop puzzling over what to call the new Halo in development for Xbox One. A different version of the E3 trailer released by Axis Animation seemingly confirms that it's actually called Halo 5.

"More new work from the Axis crew - came out a while back, the Halo Xbox One launch trailer," the company said on Twitter

This cut is almost identical to the E3 version. It shows Master Chief wearing a brown cloak and wandering through a desert. A massive robot bursts through the sand in front of him and rises above. Master Chief takes out a data chip and clutches it in his hand before facing down this robot.

The difference comes at the end. Instead of a simple Halo logo, we see "Halo 5." Then, it promises that "your journey will begin on Xbox One" in 2014.

It's no surprise that this game is Halo 5. There were clues throughout the trailer that suggested it took place after the events of Halo 4. The data chip around his neck seems to be a memento of Cortana. The giant robot resembles Promethean technology.

One thing doesn't make sense: why did Microsoft show off a trailer without the Halo 5 logo? Had they simply not finalized the game's logo? They had most of the logo nailed down so adding the "5" wouldn't have been so hard. Maybe they were still dithering about the title of the game?

Is Microsoft just being secretive? Publishers love to roll out information in a carefully planned manner. They could be waiting for the right time to announce the title as Halo 5. It seems silly to be so coy about this; as I said, there are abundant clues that this game is a sequel to Halo 4. Still, it's their product so they can market it however they want.

Or perhaps Microsoft still hasn't decided on the title yet. It's possible that Axis Animation is showing off an older version of the trailer and they removed the "5" at Microsoft's request for the E3 reveal. Either way, this trailer confirms that the game will be out next year and it's an all-new game.

What Master Chief is doing on this remote world is anyone's guess. Judging by the ratty condition of his clothing, he's been shipwrecked here. We don't know anything for sure, though. A few supposed story details released last week turned out to be inaccurate.

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