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As you may have heard, tomorrow is a big day for Star Wars fans and, thanks to a bunch of discounts, it’ll be a big hit with games fans, too. Get ready to save some money thanks to Star Wars discounts across the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live and GOG.

As of tomorrow, you can expect your social media feeds to be positively filled with joyous shouts of, “May the Fourth be with you!” Whether or not you buy into all of that jibba-jabba, chances are you don’t mind saving some sweet-sweet cheddar on games and movies.

Whether you do your virtual shopping on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live or at, there’s something for everybody…So long as “everybody” wants to enjoy some Star Wars games.

First up is the PlayStation Store, which has announced an absolutely massive sale on all things related to that infamous galaxy far, far away. The PlayStation May 4 sale runs from today through May 9, so you’ll want to act fast if you want to enjoy any of these savings. For starters, everyone can get their hands on a free PS4 theme starring the Lego version of Kylo Rin.

There are far too many games and movies to list here, so you’ll want to click that link above to see what you can get on the cheap for PS4, PS4, PSP and the Vita. As a sampling, you can expect discounts on Star Wars Battlefront ($29.99), all sorts of Star Wars tables for Zen Pinball, Super Star Wars ($4.99), Star Wars the Force Unleashed II ($4.99) and more. You can also grab every Star Wars movie out there, including seasons of The Clone Wars and the Lego Star Wars Complete Brick Saga.

Over on the Xbox, offerings are equally plentiful, with 94 games, pieces of DLC and the like up for grabs. You can get both Force Unleashed games, the Lego Star Wars games and even Kinect Star Wars for five bucks a pop. Heck, even Soulcalibur IV is on sale for $15 because Yoda is a playable character.

If, however, you prefer to do your Star Wars-themed gaming on the PC, then GOG has you covered in the form of a Star Wars Week sale. Just head on over to the website to see what’s available on a daily basis.

At the moment, you can grab Star Wars Shadows of the Empire for $4.79, Star Wars Blaster Bundle for $30.16 and Star Wars Saber Bundle for $20.15. The former includes eight games while the latter bundles together another nine, so that’s a pretty cost-effective way of getting your Star Wars fix. If, however, you’d rather buy games in those bundles separately, you can do so at a discount, too.

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