Heroes Of The Storm's New Map Tower Of Doom Has Arrived

Heroes of the Storm players have one more battleground to fight over starting today. Blizzard has released "Towers of Doom," a spooky map with new objectives for players to tackle.

In "Towers of Doom," players must once against destroy the enemy team's Core to win. However, they can't directly attack the enemy base. The Core is protected by a walled fortress topped with cannons that can't be attacked, much less destroyed.

To damage the Core, players need to instead activate Altars that periodically appear on the map. Using the altar requires you to stand next to them and channel for a few seconds. Assuming an enemy doesn't disrupt this process by hitting the player, the altar will be activated and make all of a team's Bell Towers fire on the enemy Core.

The Altars aren't the only objectives to worry about, though. The Bell Towers can be destroyed by the enemy team, causing them to be resurrected as Bell Towers for their team. You have to decide between capturing Altars and attacking/defending Towers throughout the match. There's also the Headless Horseman, a boss that will fire four shots at the enemy's Core if defeated. Killing the Headless Horseman also gives access to a tunnel from the team's base to the middle of the map.

To give players ample chances to play Towers of Doom, Blizzard will temporarily limit the number of maps in rotation. Quick Match, Ranked and Versus A.I. will be restricted to the following maps until December 1st:

Infernal Shrines, Blackheart's Bay, Haunted Mines and Cursed Hollow will be available for Custom Games through the week. All except Haunted Mines will then be added back into normal matchmaking. Blizzard will keep Haunted Mines out of the pool temporarily because there are now 10 Battlegrounds and they "feel the number of maps we have available are reaching a threshold that we may not be comfortable with."

"Towers of Doom" was one of several new additions to Heroes of the Storm announced at BlizzCon 2015. They also revealed three champions, one of which (Cho'gall) is now live in the game. Shapeshifter Greymane and dryad Lunara, both from WoW, are still in development. The studio is also working on an Arena mode, in which teams will battle in best-of-three series on small, randomized maps.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.