Subscribe To Homefront DLC Is Timed Xbox 360 Exclusive Updates
Xbox 360 gamers will be the first to receive multiplayer downloadable content for alternate history shooter HomeFront. Microsoft's Major Nelson announced at THQ's Gamers' Day event that THQ and Microsoft have a timed exclusivity agreement for the game's DLC.

The first fruit of this agreement will be a map called "Suburbs." It will be available to 360 gamers at launch. It's not clear how much longer PC and PS3 gamers would have to wait for it.

It's not clear whether that's a separate bonus from the timed exclusivity. In other words, the map might be a "real" exclusive or could also hit the PC/PS3 at some point down the road.

More details on THQ and Microsoft's partnership will be revealed on "Inside Xbox" next week. I'm curious whether this is a multiple game agreement, similar to the Call of Duty deal.

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