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If there is one game that feels dramatically like Silent Hill in a first-person perspective, it’s the upcoming horror game, Visage. And just a couple days ago, the P.T. inspired horror game was successfully funded with still 31 days to go.

At the time of writing, the campaign currently rests at $32,811 funded out of its $24,550 goal, so already reaching almost $8,000 over its initial goal. The game is well on its way to the next stretch goal at $32,000, which will offer console gameplay, but maybe the most exciting stretch goal is the VR support. Playing a horror game like this in a VR headset would be an experience unlike any other horror game you’ve ever played. I’ve stood by the belief that horror games were made for VR devices because of the heavy emphasis on environmental fear like footsteps, breathing, moaning, doors closing, etc. So when you’re thrust into that horror environment in a VR headset, suddenly the environment around you comes alive. The VR stretch goal is just $36,000, which I believe is still totally doable in the amount of time left in the campaign. But it’s definitely one of the most important stretch goals, in my opinion, because of the kind of experience it can deliver.

Visage is a horror game inspired by the Silent Hills teaser, P.T., and it creates a truly atmospheric horror experience with subtle things like falling items, appliances that turn on and closing doors. But trust me, that’s not all that’s going to scare you. There’s a heightened level of tension as you make your way around the seemingly abandoned house, a place that is supposedly the setting of tragedy and death.

What really caught my eye about this game was not only the obvious inspiration taken from P.T. (one of the most popular horror games of 2015), but its use of environment—something I haven’t seen in games since the early Silent Hill series. For those not familiar with how horror games are created, I believe that creating an uneasy atmosphere is the key to any truly terrifying horror game. When you look at games like Silent Hill, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and P.T., all of those games relied on atmosphere to really sell the horror. So it excites me to see more games coming out this year that have this very important element.

Hopefully, Visage will be able to make its VR stretch goal, but until then, we’ll be tracking the game’s progress and keep you up to date. If you want to back the game yourself, you can visit the official Kickstarter page.