I screamed last night. Like…a lot. You wouldn’t think that a single hallway and a couple of rooms could be all that terrifying, but somehow the PlayStation 4 “playable trailer” known as P.T. manages that feat quite nicely. It’s a teaser for a new Silent Hill game, it turns out, and it’s one of the most brilliant pieces of games marketing to date.

Yesterday, a mysterious free game called P.T. popped up on the PlayStation Network for the PS4. Next to nothing was known about the game and the supposed developer, 7780s Studio, doesn’t even exist. That was more than enough to pique the interest of many a gamer. Nobody knew what to expect when they booted P.T. up, but what they got was a scream-a-minute riot.

If you haven’t played P.T. already and would prefer to go in fresh, then you’ll want to stop reading in just a moment. P.T. could be described as one big, terrifying puzzle. A huge part of the fun (if you can call pooping your pants “fun”) is slowly discovering all of the wicked little secrets for yourself. Fair warning, and now we’re moving forward.

When you boot up P.T. you wake up on the floor in a seemingly empty room. In front of you is a door that leads into an L-shaped hallway. There are a few doors in the hallway, as well as an army of empty beer bottles, discarded candy wrappers, pictures of landscapes and people, and a couple of radios. One radio is currently playing a static-filled news report telling the tale of a man who violently murdered his entire family.

When you exit the door at the far end of the hallway, you find yourself standing back where you first began, as if that single corridor somehow broke the laws of physics. From there, what unfolds is a twisting, turning series of trial-and-error discoveries that will bring the player face-to-face with ghostly apparitions, screaming babies, taunting voices and much, much more.

Eventually, you may be lucky enough to trigger a final scene but, as of this writing; nobody seems quite certain which chain of events needs to be completed in order to consistently end the game. The final scene, as we reported yesterday, informs you that P.T. is actually an introduction to Silent Hills, a new game in the legendary horror series that’s being made by none other than Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear series) and Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth). For me, that’s a combination of creative minds and a property I couldn’t have hoped for in my wildest of dreams.

Little else is known about the game. Obviously, it’s heading to the PlayStation 4, but that doesn’t mean that Xbox One and PC are necessarily out of the question. We also know that the game is being built with Kojima’s Fox Engine and, if you’ve seen P.T. in action, then you know that means the game will look absolutely gorgeous. No word on a release date, though.

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