Hotline Miami, one of the biggest breakout indie PC games of 2012, is coming to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. That’s right, now you can murder the ever-loving crap out of some 8-bit criminals in front of the TV or on the go.

Hotline Miami is perhaps best described as a puzzle action game. The player, a hitman who takes out local criminals, receives missions via his answering machine telling him where the next killing spree will take place. When you get to the scene, you’ll need expert timing and extremely fast reflexes to pull off your various tasks, requiring you to move from room to room murdering nameless goons in a ballet of precisely orchestrated violence. If you get hit, you’re dead. The fun comes in learning each mission’s patterns and how to use those events to your advantage in order to take out a whole slew of baddies without ever being touched.

Garnering loads of praise on the PC last year, Fork Parker, Chief Financial Officer of Devolver Digital, dropped by the PlayStation Blog this morning to let everyone know that all of that wonderfully gratuitous violence will soon be making its way to Sony’s home and portable consoles. Abstraction Games is working hand with Devolver Digital on this project, making sure that a perfect port (along with some system-specific additions) will hit on the PS3 and Vita.

And the best part? The wait won’t be very long. Parker says we can expect Hotline Miami on the PS3 and Vita sometime this spring. And, yes, it will be a cross-buy game, meaning purchasing Hotline Miami on one console will get you a free copy on the other.

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