How To Play Doom's Alpha Test

Bethesda is prepping to get an alpha test underway for the 2016 release of Doom, the reboot of the classic 1990s first-person shooter. The alpha test can apparently be accessed using the pre-order code from when Wolfenstein: The New Order was purchased way back when.

According to Game Informer, pre-ordering Wolfenstein: The New Order way back in the day may have netted you a beta code to access Doom, which can be used as a gateway to get into the game's alpha test but it's not guaranteed. You must have purchased Wolfenstein: The New Order on or before May 26th, 2014.

Still, the beta code will apparently put you in the running for being eligible for participating in the alpha test for Doom. Over on the alpha test website they describe what sort of content you can expect from the experience...

The DOOM MP Closed Alpha is a series of development-driven tests designed to stress test the game’s dedicated server infrastructure in a real-world consumer environment. It is not the Beta (offered with Wolfenstein: The New Order pre-order), a demo, or representative of the final game.

It's also noted that this limited multiplayer alpha test for Doom will be in English only. However, the full game and the upcoming beta test will support multiple languages.

For those wondering exactly what will be featured in the test, the website states that there will be one single map to play on with a single mode of six-vs-six team deathmatch. There will be one power weapon... the gauss cannon, which will be used as a counter-weapon to the special power-up that allows players to turn into the highly dangerous Revenant.

The Revenant will be accessible through the Demon Rune in the stage, and whoever gets a hold of it will be able to play as the Revenant.

There will be six different weapons to choose from and two different equipment items. The six weapons include:

? Vortex Rifle

? Super Shotgun

? Repeater

? Rocket Launcher

? Static Cannon

? Plasma Rifle

Interesting... the Repeater and Static Cannon seem like cool weapons and I don't know if we've actually seen them in action from any of the E3 demonstrations. Also, I'm not sure what the Vortex Rifle is but that sounds like a dangerous piece of equipment.

So far everything they've showcased of the game looks phenomenal and as if they really want to rekindle fun and gory entertainment in the realm of first-person shooters. I honestly can't wait to get my hands on this game, especially with the SnapMap feature that could prove to be an infinite resource of replayability.

As for the two equipment items that will be featured in the alpha test, they include a frag grenade and a personal teleporter. I have no idea what the personal teleporter is or how it works, but I'm sure we'll eventually get to see it in action at some point, most likely from leaked alpha footage on YouTube.

Anyway, Doom is set for release in the spring of 2016, next year for the PS4 and Xbox One. You can learn more about the closed, limited alpha test by visiting the official website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.