Hulk Smashes In GTA IV With Updated Mod

Originally there was a model rip from the Hulk: Ultimate Destruction game that came out on the PS2 many years ago for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV on PC. Well, the mod has been updated in a massive way, now including new features like Hulk's thunder clap, his jumping smash attack and his ability to leap great distances.

The video above comes courtesy of one of the millions of faceless YouTubers who will eventually become swallowed up in the great nothingness of the self-promotion void... a Saulman515. This poor guy does what he can to annoy the living rectal residents out of your stomach lining, but the mod thankfully makes up for all the obtusely diversive comments and pointless vocal shenanigans thrown the way of viewers.

What's completely unignorable is the way the Hulk pounces around Liberty City with complete nonchalance. If you happened to come in on a few clips of the game without being forewarned that it was Grand Theft Auto, it would be easy to assume it was a new Hulk game with piss-poor animations and some gosh-awful obvious clipping issues.

Still, let's talk up some of the extremely impressive things about this mod: you can Hulk-clap things with some impressive results. It's not quite explosive and not quite like the Jedi force mods. It actually seems to propagate the physics of Hulk's thunder clap. I find that to be extremely impressive on the scripting front. Let's also not forgo the mention of his custom script animations to support the clap – just so you know, that's not an actual animation from within the game but a collage of other animations working together in a strange way.

The mod also does something extremely well that was also featured in Rebellion's Aliens Vs Predator game: click-point jumping. For th Predators it was possible to leap great distances and scale the environment by pinpointing where you wanted to jump, and the fact that the mod supports a similar feature that actually works is beyond impressive. I mean, jumping and smashing the helicopters out of the sky is just insane! That's brilliant!

Another completely amazing feature of the mod is being able to lift vehicles and walk around with them. There are other GTA mods out there that support this feature, but none do it as well or as convincing as this Hulk mod.

I'll have to venture to say that this updated Hulk mod is probably about as cool as the Iron Mark Heartbreaker mod, which was sleek enough to basically become its very own game. In fact, the next time Sega or some other hack-AAA publisher decides to churn out a piss-poor Iron Man game (not including that worthless mobile outing) they should look to the GTA IV Iron Man mods first to see how you do an Iron Man game right.

Anyway, maybe one day we'll see a deathmatch showdown between YouTube gamers – their very own EVO in which they take Hulk, Batman, Superman, Goku and Iron Man and battle to the death in a multiplayer bout. That could be pretty epic.

If you want the mod for yourself, you can grab the script from the GTA 4 modding website

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.