Iron Man 3's Mark XVII Heartbreaker Mod Invades GTA IV

An awesome new video has become available for Grand Theft Auto IV – and yes people are still making mods for the game to this day – and the video shows off the latest Iron Man suit for GTA IV, the Mark XVII Heartbreaker from the recent movie, Iron Man 3.

The Mark XVII joins a ton of other Iron Man suits and mods for Grand Theft Auto IV, including the Mark XVII Renaissance suit, the Modular Mark XIII, the Mark II, Mark III and Mark IV, as well as the Mark XXIX Extremis suit. Well, there could be more but those are the ones that really made an impression in the public modding space, so far.

Just yesterday we brought you a video showing the Mark XXVII suit in action against zombies. Previously, Stark's suit from summer blockbuster The Avengers was featured in one of the recent iCEnhancer beta trailers.

The video above is extremely impressive, giving gamers an awesome look at a really fleshed out total conversion character modification, basically because in the original game you can't fly, you don't get repulsor rays and you certainly don't get character mounted rockets. You can't see it, but I'm giving the modders a standing ovation right now.

I've got to say, playing Iron Man in Rockstar's GTA IV sure seems to beat all the stupid little cash-in titles released over the years of Iron Man, including the recent microtransaction laden Iron Man title for mobile phones. So basically, if you want to play a more true-to-form Iron Man game, check out the Heartbreaker mod for GTA IV over at the GTA Gaming modding website.

For more awesome Iron Man action, check out the Mark II Iron Man suit in the video below with some very, very, very impressive action sequences against an unrelenting force.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.